Different Types of Window Styles for Your Home

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There are many different styles and options of home windows available today.

Finding the perfect windows for your home can feel challenging.

It can also feel pretty overwhelming to try to pick out the right one for your needs, especially if you don’t know the different styles that are out there!

When picking out the type or style of window, some questions you may ask are “What function will this window have?” or “What size can this area accommodate?” and “What style window fits with my style of home?”.

Take a look at the many styles below to find the window that will be perfect for your required function and personal aesthetic choice.


Arched Windows

types of windows - arched windows by Horizon Exteriors, LLC

In an ‘arch‘ or ‘radius’ window, the bottom half of the window is rectangular while the top is an arch or half-circle.

This style window can accommodate fixed windows or windows that open.






Awning Windows


The awning window is a casement that’s mounted vertically, with the hinge at the top so the window pushes out. This style of window is especially useful for allowing air to flow without admitting seasonal debris (e.g., falling leaves) or rainfall.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open out like a casement, which is outward. These windows are often placed above or below other windows – and over doors – for extra ventilation and light.

These come in a variety of different shapes and configurations and are good for wet weather.



Bay or Bow Windows

types of windows - what is a bay window or bow window

Since their use in castles during the English Renaissance, bay windows have come a long way. Today—in mansions and modest homes alike—bay windows are beloved for allowing maximum light to enter a room, as the sun moves across the sky over the course of a day.

The bow window depends on a curved architecture and uses more glass panels than a bay window does (to account for the curvature).

Bay and bow windows are combinations of windows that reach out into the world. Even with limited wall space, they allow you to have more windows to capture the view.


Bi-Fold Windows

types of windows - what is a bi-fold window

Bi-fold windows are two or more panels folding onto themselves – concertina style.

They also have retractable roll down flyscreens can be added to the initial design.





Casement Windows

types of windows - casement windows by Horizon Exteriors, LLC

The casement window was popular in the UK before the invention of the sash window and is still popular in many European countries. In this design, the operable panel (installed singly or in pairs) hangs on a hinge that enables the window to be opened like a door.

Casement windows feature one hinged sash that swings out, welcoming the breeze in. These windows are coveted for their clean, uncluttered views and effortless operation.

Casement windows are hinged at the sides and open outward, with screens on the inside -and they offer some ventilation advantages in some situations.


Double Hung Windows

types of windows -what is a double hung buck vinyl window

The double panel sash window is probably the most widely used style today. It consists of two vertically arranged panels, both of which can be moved all the way up and down.

Double-hung windows have two sliding sashes providing efficient ventilation. Raise the lower sash to allow in a cool breeze. Lower the upper sash to pull hot air from the ceiling outside.

Double hung windows open vertically. Both sashes of the window normally slide, and screens can be installed outside of the window frame.



Egress Windows

types of windows - what is an egress window

An egress window is a window that is located somewhat below ground and required in specific locations in a dwelling. It is intended to provide an emergency exit in case of a fire. These windows must meet specific size and requirements to qualify as an egress window.

An egress window will be large enough, as defined by local business codes and typically required when finishing a basement and are paired with an Egress Well with attached ladder or steps for an easy escape.

Don’t worry, we will advise you on how big they should be, if and where you may need them in your home.

Fixed Windows

types of windows - what is a fixed windows

Fixed shape windows are available in rectangular, curved and angled. They can be used by themselves, as an accent or with other products, providing endless design possibilities.

Fixed windows do not open; they can either be located on exterior walls to admit natural light or set into interior walls (e.g., over a door).

These windows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and of course, custom options are also available.




Garden Windows

types of windows - what is a garden window

Acting like a little greenhouse in your home, a garden window is fitted with shelves and side ventilation, making it perfect for small house plants and herbs.

Consider adding a garden window to your kitchen for added light and convenience.

They include side vents to provide ventilation.




Glass Block Windows

what are glass block windows - style of windows from Horizon Exteriors, LLC

A glass block is a versatile material within a fram that can be used for a variety of purposes, most often used in bathrooms.

You can use glass block to add light and illusions of space to a walk-in shower.

They also work well as windows since they let light in while blurring the view from the outdoors.

Glass block windows come in many styles, including popular styles like ice, quadra, and wave (as shown).





Hopper Windows


The window tilts inward for easy cleaning and operation.

Insulated glass and durable wool pile seals keep cold air out and warm air in.

Included is an easily removable full screen to keep insects out.




 Palladian Windows

venetian-window-1Palladian windows are a large, 3-section panels embellished by a central arched top and flanked by two smaller rectangular side panels.

This window design is quite luxurious, adding beauty, character, and old-world aristocracy to the home.

The Palladian window is derived from the work of exalted Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.  Because of their origin, a Renaissance architecture and other buildings in classical styles are often best suited to have Palladian windows.

Classical style homes are inspired by ancient Greece and Rome featuring columns, ornate molding, and pediments.



 Picture Windows



 A picture window is a large window usually consisting of one pane of glass, typically in a living room. Picture windows are stationary, rectangular, non-opening windows that allow the most light into the room.

You can easily open up your living space with a picture window, allowing light and views of the scenery. These type of windows are usually installed in difficult to reach places to let in light. For unobstructed views where ventilation is not a concern, picture windows are ideal.


Single Sash Hung Windows

types of windows - what is a single sash window

The sash window consists of two panels arranged vertically. Attributed to the English inventor Robert Hooke, its use caught on quickly due to the design’s simplicity. In the single hung sash, the bottom panel moves up to allow the flow of air, while the top panel stays fixed.

Single-hung windows offer the same timeless style as double-hung windows but only the bottom sash is movable.



Sliding Sash Windows

types of windows - what is a sliding sash window

A sash window or hung sash window is made of one or more movable panels that consist of two horizontally mounted sashes that open and close easily by sliding along on a track. Sliders are an excellent choice of windows to mount over a counter or sink—any circumstance where there is an obstacle to access.  , or “sashes“, that form a frame to hold panes of glass.  The sashes are often separated from other panes (or “lights”) by glazing bars, also known as muntins.  Sash windows are also a perfect choice for properties from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. They can even add a splash of tradition to a modern home too.

A sliding panel allows for easy operation – an ideal choice for difficult-to-reach areas.

These windows slide open horizontally, can feature two or more sashes and offer a nice clear opening for good ventilation.


Special Shaped

Special shape windows are available in rectangular, curved and angled. These styles can be used by themselves, as an accent or with other products, providing endless design possibilities.



Other Shapes

Additional types of windows not as widely used are Clerestory Windows, Jalousie Windows, Skylight Windows, Storm Windows, Tilt & Turn Windows.


What’s Next?

Getting new windows starts with selecting the right window replacement contractor.

Wondering if it’s time to replace your windows? Take a look at these 5 signs to help you determine if it’s time to replace your windows. It’s always a good idea to have our window replacement professionals take a look at your current window conditions. 

Call Horizon Exteriors, LLC today and have our team inspect your windows. Our caring, friendly professionals will provide you with a free estimate.

Call us at (844)433-4348 or email us at info@hedidit.com. We are waiting to help you!

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